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Baileys and Steve 2008 Litter


Sir William (F1)

William lives in Victoria and was one of our Goldendoodle's born here in Australia after we moved from the UK to Australia. He has a fantastic nature and is very much loved by his family, he is a real head turner and is always up to mischief. William is the sister to Karma who is training with Guide Dogs SA.NT


Holly (F1)

Holly is a fantastic dog and so laid back and excellent with children. Her owners themselves have recently had a baby and Holly is excellent with their baby as well. Holly is a sister to Karma who is in training with Guide Dogs SA.NT


Baileys Jnr (F1)

Baileys is a fantastic boy. He weighed in at 25kg at 8 months of age and is still growing. Everyone who meets Baileys falls in love with him and thinks he is DIVINE. Baileys is the brother to Karma from Guide Dogs SA.NT


Baileys and Steve 2009 Litter

Jackson (F1)

Jackson lives in Hong Kong and lives a fantastic life being able to go hiking with his best friend and human dad.


Louie (F1)

Louie lives in the ACT, Australia and has just won 1st Prize in his Obedience Training, well done Louie. Louie's human parents love to go partying with Louie with family and friend to local parks etc


Miss Lucy (F1)

Miss Lucy lives in South Australia and spends most of her days working in a Residential Home and helping look after the residents. She is part of a very big and happy family.


Bonnie's and Steve's litter 2009

Marley (F1B)

Marley was chosen by her family who has a fantastic time playing with all the pups and choosing the perfect pet friend. Marley is very much loved by her family and can be seen many a time sunbathing of sorts on the family boat.


Fergus (F1B)

Fergus as his owners say is a very gentle sole and is a pleasure to have around the house, he is a very much loved member of the family.


Kimba (F1B)

Kimba is living in ACT, Australia and is known as a bit of an escape artist. She is extremely bright and is doing very well at Dog Training. Tiger (Labradoodle) is her partner in crime and best canine buddy.


Magic's Litter 2009

Harvey (F1B)

Harvey is an absolute gem and is very much loved by his family, Harvey is a very popular lad and enjoys his morning walk with his his daily stop at the local cafe for his morning tea.




BAILEYS - was our foundation Golden Retriever, now retired.

the girls

Bonnie and Magic as pups. This was Baileys first litter back in the UK.

Bonnie and Magic at Nobby's Beach Port Macquarie enjoying some much needed freedom after 30days in Quarantine when we moved to Australia. This photo won the

***Winner of the UKLA***

From left to right; Magic, Daisy, Baileys, Steve and Bonnie

Ita Buttrose and Cleo

We are very proud to have Ita who owns Cleo one of our Goldendoodles. (Ita and Cleo have given us permission for the use of this image)




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