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Adam and Adele’s first meeting

Adele's passion for her dogs and Adams love of the sea is how they first met back in January 2005. It was here that Adele's desire to produce quality dogs for service work, and also beautiful, well socialised puppies for families, developed.

This is a hobby that Adam and Adele take very seriously. They strive to produce the best possible dog for all to enjoy.

Adele's passion for her dogs and Adams passion for the sea is where they met, and it was here that Adele's passion to produce high quality dogs really took off.

Adele had been involved in the Agriculture and Animals sector ever since she was a toddler and with the support of Adam she has been able to fight illness and many other personal issues and became a quality breeder in her own right. After visitng her best friend a few years before to deliver some horse feed, she ended up delivering her Golden Retriever's first litter and in return Tanya gave her the pick of the litter. This is where they chose Baileys and Baileys has been handled by Adele from the day she was born. Baileys soon proved herself to be and honor to have. Adele had been seriously ill and Baileys had been by her side throughout, with Baileys help Adele conquered and managed her illness's.

One day whilst walking on the beach Adam came over to admire Baileys and this is how Adele and Adam met. Adam listened intently to Adele's passion and vision she had been storing up for so long and with the support of Adam she began what she would hope to be a successfull "Breeding Program" which would offer many people the luck that Adele had with Baileys. Whilst in the planning stages Adele registered Baileys as a "Pets as Therapy Dog" which she passed with flying colours and became a very popular dog. Adele had also been Pets as Therapy Volunteer for nearly 20years she also became the Area Co-ordinator as well as a Pets as Therapy Temperament Assessor and Speaker, Adele has also qualified as an Microchip Implater in the UK. Something Adele is very passionate about. Adele decided that part of her her long term dream was to produce "Therapy Dogs" as well as well socialised Family Pets.

This she started in 2005 with the full support of Adam and her friends and family. Adele had been looking since Baileys was young for a suitable stud for her but came across stud dogs that were related in some way to Baileys so she had hit her first stumbling block, undetered by the issues, she had also been watching and regulary listening out in the dog world about Goldendoodles, and after careful study and a big thanks to Blue Sterling of and the fantastic information on her website she began her dream. Adele personaly feels that no one can explain about Goldendoodles better than Blue Sterling.

She finally managed to find a very suitable stud, a small black standard poodle called "Scout" he is from and with the help of Lisa and her many years experience in dog breeding Adele was able to realise her dream. Baileys went for her holiday to Scouts house and 58 days later produced us our very first "Pembrokeshire Doodle". Baileys produced 11 very healthy and funloving puppies. 5 White and 5 Black and 1 Black and White. After a succesful time with these pups and watching them grown into the most beautiful and well balanced healthy dogs Adele and Adam kept an eye out for more suitable bitches.

Steve the Stud

At the same time Adam and Adele had been informed that a beautiful white standard poodle named "Steve" was looking for new home through no fault of his own, he had been returned to his breeder as the gentlman concerned was fighting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and was no longer able to take him to work with him every day. Adele decided to contact the breeder and with their kind permission and Steve's owner, Steve came to meet us with his owner who had come back on leave from the Army. He drove Steve down to meet us and to see if we were suitable for his most special and loved dog. Thankfully Steve was a hit and we were a hit for his former owner and of course Steve himself.

This was to be a hard decision for his former owner. I will never forget the tears in his eyes when he left Steve but he knew we would always look after him and give him the best we could. Steve has stayed with us from there on in and after having his Health Checks, Hips, Elbows and Eyes like all our breeding dogs, he was given the all clear to start his new role. Steve to date has fathered over 100 puppies to Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles and Labradors and someday he may be lucky to produce some more much needed and loved poodles. He has given us and all our family, friends, girls and puppies the best days ever as he frolicks with his new puppies and spends his days layzing in the sun with his pups their mum.


Service Dogs

Our first break into the Service Sector was with Rupert a Labradoodle we produced and mum was then retired and spayed and is now living with Baileys sister in the UK and enjoying her much needed retirement. Rupert has gone to Hearing Dogs, UK and is doing very well, he has another few months to go before he passes out but he has a lot to get through before he get there. After this we decided to also offer our puppies to much needed people with varying disabilities along with able bodied families and this has proved a great success, his pups are very much well loved and adored. Steves puppies have also been a hit with some very famous people back in the UK and Australia and we very often get updates from these people with photo's of the pups as they grow.


Service/Therapy/Companion Dogs

We have a number of pups working within these fields with trusted names such as Guide Dogs SA.NT, Dogs for Kids with Disabilities Victoria, Paws for Diabetes NSW, Delta Dogs, Pets as Therapy UK to name but a few.

We are also having many enquiries for our dogs on a daily basis from larger Assistance/Therapy/Companion Dog Organisations.

We also have a number of private clients that are working with their Assistance/Therapy/Companion Dogs to be able to gain a new life with their canine companion alongside them.

We are very proud of all our dogs on our "Dogs for Schools Program" working with children with special needs, reading dogs, and class dogs.


Australia here we come

Adam and Adele then decided to move to Australia and get married so in March 2008 they started their new lives in Australia where Adele was born many years before. Adele was brought up and went to school in the Blue Mountains, she still has a brother living in the Blue Mountains and a sister who lives out in Orange. Adam and Adele then made the very diificult decision to only take four of their team they had just set up. Baileys our Golden Retriever, Bonnie and Magic, Baileys puppies from last year and F1 Goldendoodles and of course Steve our beautiful Standard Poodle.

Baileys retirement

Baileys has since retired and is living with a beautiful family up on Mangrove Mountain just outside of Sydney and is a very much loved member of her new family, we keep in touch and visit from time to time but Baileys has a new life and a new job which she is enjoying very much.

Our aim is to carry on producing these much loved " Goldendoodles" here in Australia and the decision was made to incorporate the name Goldendoodles Australia. For all our future litters.

We strive to produce the best quality, family orientated and well socialised puppy for family and service sectors alike. None of our dogs are kennelled and are all part of our family and home and many a time I have woken to feel one or two or more of the dogs creeping into the bedroom and quietly jumping on the bed for a cuddle, not allowed but how can you resist at 3am in the morning with the soft coat and the gentleness that a Goldendoodle gives. You have the Gentleness, calmness, honesty and loyalty of a Golden Retriever with the fantastic, mishchievous, fun loving and highly intelligent Standard Poodle with coats that are just pure luxury.








BAILEYS - was our foundation Golden Retriever, now retired.

the girls

Bonnie and Magic as pups. This was Baileys first litter back in the UK.

Bonnie and Magic at Nobby's Beach Port Macquarie enjoying some much needed freedom after 30days in Quarantine when we moved to Australia. This photo won the

***Winner of the UKLA***

From left to right; Magic, Daisy, Baileys, Steve and Bonnie

Ita Buttrose and Cleo

We are very proud to have Ita who owns Cleo one of our Goldendoodles. (Ita and Cleo have given us permission for the use of this image)




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