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There are no puppies available at this time as we have retired

doods in the woods - picture courtesy of Katie Rouke

Our Aims:
We strive to produce the highest quality, family orientated and well socialised puppies for the service sector and family home.

doods in the woods - picture courtesy of Katie Rouke

A big thankyou to Katie Rourke of "The Canine Film Academy", UK for the most beautiful pictures above - please contact her before using them.



theres alway one...

*Please note*

There are no guarantees that Doodle Coats don't shed.

If you do suffer allergies please think carefully before purchasing a Doodle puppy you may be better speaking to a Poodle Breeder as Poodle coats are much more predictable.


Once entering into a contract with us, if at any time you feel you cannot keep you Goldendoodle then the puppy/adult dog must be returned to us at your own expense, we do not offer refunds after the Puppy Contract of Sale expires. We strive to keep in touch with all our dogs and support our owners and their dogs for life. We do not wish to find any of our dogs in a Council Pound or Dog Rescue and if found to have done so we do reserve to right to prosecute.

We breed these dogs and are responsible for taking our dogs back if the need ever arises, this is our responsibilty as a much loved HIGH QUALITY BREEDER.

Please read the terms and conditions of our contract.







BAILEYS - was our foundation Golden Retriever, now retired.

the girls

Bonnie and Magic as pups. This was Baileys first litter back in the UK.

Bonnie and Magic at Nobby's Beach Port Macquarie enjoying some much needed freedom after 30days in Quarantine when we moved to Australia. This photo won the

***Winner of the UKLA***

From left to right; Magic, Daisy, Baileys, Steve and Bonnie

Ita Buttrose and Cleo

We are very proud to have Ita who owns Cleo one of our Goldendoodles. (Ita and Cleo have given us permission for the use of this image)




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